Monday, 13 September 2010


I knew before hand what an awful life she led, and her paintings, in my oppinion are disturbingly hopeful, so i really wanted to see the film.
It reaked tragedy from the start, little did i know she was in a bus crash, but her anguish just didnt seem to end, tragedy after tragedy.

I did come away from the film though, feeling some pieces may have been fiction, to make it more viable for the audience, but im not a Kahlo expert so dont kill me if it was 100% true.

She was obviously a very versatile, strong woman, lacking in confidence and if nothing, its sort of made me understand her work better, because ive seen an account of how she has come to produce the work that she has, if that makes sense.

Anyway, its worth a watch.

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Miss Moss said...

Frida's ok, but a bit self-absorbed. I had to do a project on her for A Level, and ended up hating the woman by the end of it, although I have softened now..

She seems to me a bit of an earlier Tracey Emin.