Thursday, 2 September 2010

Arcade Fire-The Suburbs

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

Gloomily Expectant

From the opening bars of The Suburbs, you can tell this isnt going to be a KOL Only by the night situation, THANK GOD. No pigeon shit. Its gloomy undertones, are safely keeping the KOL chavs at bay. As the album digresses, the sombre mood continues, I am too young to remember, but i recon this album would represent the countrys mood during the days of Maggie Thatcher, Bleak Times indeed. But dont get me wrong, the album reflects a sense of hope and pride. Change is coming, in the form of Tony Blair?

Theres just something about this album, its making me feel relaxed, and moody. Maybe its because its 00:36 on the computer and im just tired. Its not a song that you'd sing with the lads after a heavy session at the top of your lungs, its more of a stay home, have a whiskey and cigar and chill.
This album is also reminding me of CPR. The album is the heartbeat, slow and few and far between, with every now and again its comes back to life then returns to its sombre soulful roots. If that makes any sense at all to you.

Month of May, is possibly my favourite from the album. I think its gives the album that kick it lacks. Yet it stays moody and grungy.

I hadnt heard much, if any of Arcade Fires music before i watched them at Reading '10 where i just sat there and listened transfixed, they had an energy about them that i imagine replicate that of Radiohead. Except i hate Radiohead.

I guess this album is going to be a grower. Ive enjoyed listening to it. I feel ive been on a journey in the album cover car, ive been stuck in traffic yet ran through red lights.

Personally i think the album represents its title very well. The Suburbs tends to be a nice place to live, with no violence, crime and grief, this album well reflecting this feeling. Had they called the album the council flats it would probubly sound like a mix between The Sex Pistols and N-Dubz eratic and hard hitting.

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